neděle 21. února 2016

Why should we all celebrate Ystävänpäivä

Ystävänpäivä is celebrated on 14th February. It is a day when Finns remember their friends, send them postcards or present them with small gifts. The roots of the celebration possibly reaches as far to the history as to an Ancient Greek celebration of Arkadian Lykaia or Roman Lupercalia, celebrations closely linked with fertility.

Ystävänpäivä 2014, Vantaa, Finland

Although Ystävänpäivä (or the Friend's day) is historically obviously connected to st. Valentine's day, there are significant differences between these two. St. Valentine's day has become a tasteless commercial affair full of pink hearts and seemingly funny references to sex, whereas Ystävänpäivä, which has been celebrated in Finland since 1980s, keeps its level of dignity and stays more or less in the form of private appreciation of one's friends. 
And that's what I think the celebration of any relationship, whether friendship or romance, should be about. It is nice to show appreciation and it is also nice to be appreciated, but neither really works with trashy pinky advertising slogans. Or does it?

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